A Guide to Eating Vegan at Lake Bled, Slovenia

If you’ve already seen my Ljubljana post, by now you’ll know that Slovenia caters to vegans far better than most European countries I’ve visited, and Lake Bled was no exception to that! I did only spend a few days at Lake Bled and we did try to cut back on spending on meals out, so although I didn’t get to try every vegan option Bled had to offer, here were the ones that I did:

Public & Vegan Kitchen

I’m going to start with this one because we LOVE an all vegan restaurant – no mental gymnastics trying to work out allergens or wondering if the ‘vegan cheese’ they offer really is going to be vegan cheese. We arrived early evening and the inside was already full up so we sat on the chairs on the steps outside. I will admit, the interior was not what I was expecting, it reminded me of an old Irish pub!

The menu isn’t huge and it mostly consists of three different burger patties, and some sides and salads. I had the fritters with a side of potato wedges, and my husband had one of the burgers. We were so impressed with both the friendliness of the staff and the quality of the food! Both meals were absolutely delicious and although I wanted to try some of their vegan Bled cake, I was just too full!

I did, however, return the next day to give it a try as I couldn’t visit Lake Bled without trying the traditional cream cake!


One of Bled’s highest rated restaurants for a good reason! In fact, when we turned up, there was a queue at the door of other customers that were also keen to try their food! Although Spica isn’t a vegan restaurant, they had a good amount of options, plus, my husband does eat meat, so it meant that he could have something he liked too. He had the ‘grey pizza’ (sounds gross but he said it was the best pizza he ever had), which wasn’t vegan, but they did sell a marinara, which based off of how good his looked I wish I had ordered that! I had the vegan burger as many reviews said that it was really good, however I didn’t love my meal. It was good, but I should’ve ordered the pizza.


Since we were doing a lap of the Lake on our second day and restaurants in general (let alone with vegan options) are quite limited on the other side of the lake, we decided to take an evening trip to the local Spar to grab some sandwich bits. I’ll start by saying I’ve never seen such an aesthetic Spar! The mountains in the background with the sunsetting was absolutely dreamy. Inside, there was a really good variety of vegan cheeses, yoghurts, chocolate – you name it! I ended up getting bread, vegan cheese, vegan butter, dairy free raspberry white chocolate (!) and a vegan protein bar.

Market by the Lake

This one we unfortunately didn’t end up buying anything in as when we approached it we realised that we wouldn’t have time to eat before getting the bus to Ljubljana! However, in my extensive research of vegan options in Bled, the vegan menu here looked really good, so give it a try if you’re in the area and let me know your thoughts!

If you’re heading to Slovenia’s capital, Ljubljana, in the same trip, check out my guide to eating vegan there!

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