Money Diary: 24 hours in Bled, Slovenia

The money diary is back! This time we’re enjoying a short break on Lake Bled. I didn’t think there was much point doing one of these for our cruise destinations as we’d already paid for travel, food and accommodation as a package so didn’t spend anything in each destination.


Bled is a small town so walking around the centre is really easy, you can even walk the lake’s perimeter in less than 2 hours so public transport isn’t really needed once here, however we did get a direct bus (more of a coach) from the airport which cost us a whopping €1.30 each for a half an hour journey… bargain!

Travel total – €2.60


We booked this well in advance as when browsing summer hotel prices back in spring, so many were already booked up and affordable accommodation was already limited! We paid €350 for two nights for a double room, but somehow ended up with a whole apartment (maybe due to my Expedia Gold status?), so despite it costing a little more than I would usually spend on a hotel per night, it ended up being quite good value for money! This also included breakfast which had an amazing variety and was good quality food!

Accommodation total – €175 per night

Food and drink

With breakfast already being included, we were able to fill up there first thing. We had initially planned on going to a cafe for lunch, but in the interest of saving some money, we bought sandwich bits from the local Spar and some snacks that we could take on our hike around the lake, as the majority of the restaurants and cafes were in Bled. I was really impressed with the amount of vegan food in the Spar, and the store was so clean and well presented! We spent €16 here for bread, margarine, vegan cheese, normal cheese, a protein bar, a tomato and a vegan white chocolate bar!

Then, for dinner we headed to Spica, where my husband had a pizza (the best pizza he’s ever eaten, apparently), and I had a veggie burger. We also shared a bottle of still water. This came to around €30.

I couldn’t visit Bled without trying some of their traditional cream cake, but not being a dairy eater, I visited Public & Vegan Kitchen for a slice, which cost €4.

Food total – €50


Here’s where I felt like I might have thrown money at anything that looked fun – there was just so much to do at lake Bled and I wanted to do it all!

First, we rented a row boat to the island in the middle of the lake. This costs €20 for an hour (for the both of us), and would have cost a further €10 per hour had we continued over our time. From the same rental company, I also hired a stand up paddle board for €10 an hour – a bargain compared so other places I’ve rented a sup from!

Lastly, we paid €10 each for a ski lift up to the top of a hill, and a toboggan ride back down. This was one of my favourite experiences and well worth the money!

Activities total – €50


Obligatory magnet as a keep-sake was €3.60. There were cheaper options but I’ve decided that I won’t settle for a magnet that I don’t love!

Other total – €3.60

Overall total and cost rating

In total we spent €281 for 24 hours in Lake Bled for the both of us (yikes!), but we didn’t hold back on excursions and activities. Overall, public transport in Slovenia is incredibly inexpensive, food is pretty average, but accommodation in peak times can be pricey and gets booked up quickly!

My overall cost rating for Lake Bled is:


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