A Guide on Where to Eat for Vegans in Ljubljana, Slovenia

It’s always so hit and miss turning up in a new country and trying to find plant based food, but to my luck I found Slovenia to be incredibly accommodating to vegans!

Gaudi & Naan

We actually came here on the Monday of our stay in Ljubljana, which happened to be a bank holiday in Slovenia, so it was closed! But since I’d seen so many good reviews about this place, we decided to return the next day to give their food a try and it was totally worth it! Not only was the food delicious and well presented, the service was amazing and the staff were so friendly and attentive.


One of the few places open on the bank holiday, Veganika, was located a very short walk from the centre, so we decided to head here for lunch. It was clearly busy and the staff seemed overwhelmed, in fact, we were sat for about 20 minutes before someone even gave us a menu (a small plaque engraved with a QR code.)

What really disappointed me here, was even despite it clearly being quite hectic in there – which I totally understand – we seemed to be treated very differently to a customer, who came in about 10-15 minutes after us, by one of their female members of staff. She actually took the menu plaque off our table to give to the other customer without even acknowledging us, and took her order fairly swiftly even though we had been waiting much longer, and in the end my husband had to ask her if we could order as we had waited so long. Her tone changed from polite and friendly when addressing the other customer to rather fed up when she came to us and she also informed us that about half the menu (which is quite limited anyway) wasn’t available. I ended up just ordering a coffee as during the long wait we decided that we were sort of put off ordering food. In the end a male waiter, who was much friendlier, came over and apologised about the service and asked if we were wanting to order food, which we declined. Again, I’d like to reiterate that we completely understood how busy it was in there and were very patient, but the change in tone from the female waitress was just too off putting for us to return later on.

It’s a shame because it seems like it could have been quite a nice place but based off our experience, I just can’t recommend Veganika.

Vigo Sorbetto

One word: WOW! We accidentally discovered this place when walking back to our hotel in the evening and after seeing all of the interesting flavours of sorbet they were offering I just had to try some! I had the hazelnut with oat milk and it was SO good – I even went back to get another serving the next day!

Gelateria Romantika

Because only visiting one sorbet place just isn’t enough! Here I had the watermelon and lime sorbet and it was so refreshing. I also loved how aesthetically pleasing the inside seating area was!

Zrno do Zrna

This was a small shop located just opposite Gaudí & Naan and it was absolutely packed with vegan foods, including a fridge full of different styles of vegan food! It also had a little bakery section, so I ended up buying a sausage roll type thing for my flight home!

Abi Falafel

This place is popular for a good reason – we were quite fortunate to get here when we did as only minutes after getting ourselves a table, a rather long line of other hungry tourists and locals formed! I had the vegan main, which was specifically labelled as vegan on the menu, however looking at the allergens for many of their other dishes, they actually appeared to have several plant based options! My dish was really good and I liked the variety on there – it was incredibly filling too!

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