A Dog Friendly Bank Holiday Weekend in Devon

Writing this post feels a little ‘wow life goes fast’ as we booked this trip back in April when August felt like a lifetime away, but here I am at the end of the month telling you about my bank holiday weekend travels!


This was truly the highlight of our trip! When looking for accommodation we were slightly put off by some of the dog friendly hotels requirements of ‘well-behaved dogs only’.

Our dog is well-behaved and trained, but reactive, and we know that unless you’ve had experience with anxious and reactive dogs, they may not seem ‘well-behaved’ when near triggers!

As a result, we ended up looking accommodations that were a little more secluded and private on Airbnb. When we came across this Shepherd’s hut in South Devon, we just knew it would be a positive experience for all of us!

The communication with the hosts was consistently excellent, as we did end up reducing our stay by a day closer to the time due to worries about Friday night traffic getting down there, plus I accidentally added the dog on a bit late as I couldn’t navigate the app, and they accommodated every request.

The hut came with everything we could need from kitchen equipment to books, games, and even a record player!

Dogs weren’t allowed on the bed, which was fine for us – I’m not sure how the dog felt about that though, and we did have to bring our own dog bed, but that wasn’t a problem for us.

On the first night, we wanted to make the most of being at the accommodation so we used the fire pit and roasted marshmallows, and on the second night we picked up some dinner from a local pizza cafe and played scrabble on the outside table.

If you fancy booking this beautiful little hut, this is the link.

Branscombe Beach

On our way into Devon we stopped by a popular dog friendly beach: Branscombe Beach. I loved this beach because there were so many dogs here, it was great exposure for our dog as it was just a complete overload of other dogs. He seemed quite calm here and even enjoyed a doggy ice-cream from the cafe!

I recommend getting here early as the car park was rammed by the time we were leaving. Also, it runs on a system where it scans your number plate on the way in, and I have read reviews complaining about parking fines for ‘only stopping to use the loo’!

Budleigh Beach

When building an itinerary for our Devon trip, I knew that paddle boarding was a must, however finding a beach that was both dog friendly and provided paddle board rentals was tricky! So when I found Budleigh beach, which offered both, I didn’t hesitate to book!

Overall I was satisfied with our paddle board hire, however, the prices on their website were not up to date, so we ended up paying more than we expected to.

One thing to note is that this beach is a pebble beach, and is therefore SUPER uncomfortable to lay on!

Start Point

On our second day, we woke up relatively early, enjoyed breakfast at the hut, then headed down to Start Point along the coast. I’ll be honest, asides from some pretty coastline views, there’s not a lot to see here. Unfortunately for us, the lighthouse was closed, which appears to be the main attraction here. The carpark also had a small cafe-truck (is that what they’re called?), that sold vegan cakes and other snacks!

Mill Bay

After experiencing the pain of laying uncomfortably on a pebble beach, I was determined to find a dog friendly sand beach we could relax on!

When researching Mill Bay and the surrounding area, I was pleased to see that it had a National Trust car park where members could park free, however, trying to use this carpark turned out to be a NIGHTMARE!

One long and very narrow lane stretches down to the smallest and most cramped car park in history, where it is near impossible to get out, let alone get a space, with so many people trying to make their own make shift parking spaces on the sides.

We ended up driving back up the road and parking on the side of the road in a nearby village, and taking a 10-15 minute walk down to the beach. The beach was incredibly busy, but it was nice seeing people play cricket on the beach, and everyone just seemed like they were having a good time!

The water was really clear too – it almost felt like we weren’t in England!

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