How to Spend 4 Nights in Slovenia: Lake Bled & Ljubljana

Lake Bled has been on my bucketlist for a while, and although it looks absolutely beautiful in the winter, going in the summer was a must for me as I had pictured my stay to be full of water sports and hiking (which it was!)

Unfortunately for me, there didn’t seem to be huge numbers of flights departing from the UK, so with Wizzair’s scheduled days, we had to book a shorter trip than I would have liked. We also booked our accommodation way back in the spring before our flights as even then things were already getting fully booked, so if you’re planning to visit in the summer, I recommend you do the same!

Lake Bled

After landing with a slight delay, we hopped on a bus directly to Bled. For some reason every piece of information we read online lead us to believe that we would have to get two separate buses here as there was no direct one but we found this to be untrue luckily!

We arrived in about half an hour and checked into our accommodation, Hotel Savica, a very basic hotel, but not too pricey. We somehow ended up with an apartment rather than a double room, which worked out great for making food there and saving a bit of cash!

I don’t think I expected to love Lake Bled so much! There was just so much to do there, I certainly believe that you couldn’t be bored here, particularly if you love all things outdoors! Here’s some of the best things that you can do around the lake:

Ride a toboggan and a ski lift

Hands down, one of the best experiences I’ve had in my years of travel! The ski lift to the top was a little nerve wracking as it’s a big drop down, but the view from the top is unbeatable. We turned up at 10am sharp just as the park was opening, as when visiting the day before we found it to be rammed with other tourists and there was a 90 minute wait! I’m glad we came back when it was empty as, although it is super fun, a 90 minute wait for a couple of minutes on the toboggan probably wouldn’t have been worth it!

Walk the perimeter of the lake

According to the receptionist at our hotel, the perimeter of the lake is about a 6km walk and should take a little over an hour – more if you’re like me and stop to take pictures every 30 seconds! The walk is a relatively easy one as it’s mostly flat paths, and you can even take a detour up one of the hills to get a better view of the lake!

Rent a row boat to the island

If you want to get out onto the water and across to the island there are a couple of ways of doing this: a group tour boat or hiring a private rowing boat. This was another activity we were up early for as rowing in the summer heat is not too enjoyable! We only had a limited time on the island as our boat rental was for an hour, but I did manage to have a quick sorbet stop at the cafe there!

Rent a SUP

This was my absolute top activity of the trip – mostly because I felt so proud of myself for not falling in! So many people around the lake had paddle boards and some were even using them to sunbathe. At €10 per hour, it’s such an inexpensive way of seeing more of the lake!

Visit Bled Castle

This was something that we had planned to do but unfortunately due to us leaving for Ljubljana on a bank holiday and having to work our itinerary around reduced bus timetables, we didn’t end up having time! According to the website it’s around €13 per adult to visit, and if you don’t get to see it up close, the view of the castle from the lake is pretty good too!


From soaking up nature and enjoying the fresh mountain air to a city break in Slovenia’s capital: Ljubljana!

I was pleasantly surprised at just how beautiful Ljubljana is, and I think part of that can be credited to the fact that the city centre is car free! After arriving here by bus, we managed to check in early to our hotel – Hotel Emonec, a budget friendly hotel in the centre.

Just walking around Ljubljana’s shops and cafes along the river can be enjoyable enough, but if you’re looking for more, here are some of the things I would recommend:

Rent an electric scooter

If exploring Ljubljana by foot doesn’t sound like your kind of thing, why not see it by scooter at a much quicker pace? Bolt scooters are parked pretty much everywhere and really easy to use – you just have to download the app and you’re good to go! We loved using them and found them to be really inexpensive too.

The castle funicular

Before you think I’m just lazy, we did walk up the hill to the castle, but ended up getting the funicular down after enjoying a drink at the cafe at the top (which has great views of the city by the way!)

River cruise

One of the things we would have done if we had more time and money was a river cruise. They’re pretty much everywhere along the river and last about 45 minutes – not bad for 12 euros per person!

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