What I Ate as a Vegan on the Marella Discovery 2

A week of plain rice, salad and chips is all too familiar for us veggies eating at an all inclusive resort and I often find myself preparing for the worst and knowing I won’t be getting my moneys worth at the buffet. But how well does TUI cater for their plant based guests on the Marella Discovery 2 cruise ship?

I’ll start off by mentioning that I did contact TUI in advance to forewarn them of my dietary requirements and they suggested I spoke to the restaurant manager when onboard to see what they can do for me. The restaurant manager was incredibly helpful and said that each night at the buffet the chef would come out and tell me what is vegan and can adapt any non-vegan dishes I liked the look of and bring me out a fresh plate. He also informed me that they would make a vegan desert for me every night that they would keep to the side. I was happy with this, although I do think it would be easier if the trays were marked with a vegan sign so I didn’t have to ask every night!

P.s. I apologise in advance as all the photos have been taken on my phone, so the quality isn’t great but hopefully you get an idea of the kind of food served!

Day 1

Breakfast: no breakfast today as we were checking into the ship around midday after our flight!

Lunch: the snack shack had vegan mezze boxes (which were labelled with ‘vegan’ too!) so I picked up one of these

I also got an almond milk latte from the coffee port

Dinner: we ate at the 47 degrees gallery: the ship’s Italian themed restaurant where I had a salad to start and some kind of fried polenta as my main – both were already on the menu and marked as vegan

Day 2

Breakfast: the breakfast buffet had vegan margarine so I just had this with toast as I wasn’t too hungry! The restaurant manager also informed me that they had soya milk kept to the side, so I had this with coffee

Lunch: bbq chickpea tacos at the sit down restaurant! Delicious!

Dinner: okay here’s where I fell back into old habits – I didn’t actually ask for anything to be made as the buffet room was a bit hectic so I just went for the safe options, however, the desert they had especially made for me was DELICIOUS!

Day 3

Breakfast: the restaurant manager informed me that the chef could make vegan sausages on request so they cooked me these with some hash browns as the ones at the buffet are cooked with other things (I don’t actually mind that so much but was happy nonetheless!)

The photo below does look a little sad on its own but I did add beans and toast!

Lunch: back at the serviced restaurant as it had a couple of vegan options on the menu today – I had the butternut squash soup which was AMAZING plus a black bean veggie burger which to be honest wasn’t great but it is always on the menu.

Dinner: the buffet had a Chinese themed night so we headed up as one of the options was a vegan spicy aubergine curry type thing! The chef also made me the chicken noodle dish as a vegan plate and it was really good! Today’s vegan desert was a chocolate cake with what tasted like Alpro chocolate dessert warmed up on top.

Day 4

On day 4 I wasn’t feeling too great! I had watermelon with a cup of tea and soya milk for breakfast and by the time we came back from our excursion I was pretty knackered and went to bed without dinner.

Day 5

Breakfast: same old beans, hash browns and toast with plant based margarine! If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

Lunch: we ate at the snack shack as they had a roast vegetable wrap, plus I got a slushie from the bar. My husband got a brownie too (obviously not vegan!)

Dinner: at the sit down restaurant I had a house salad with a vinegar type dressing and the main vegan option was spring rolls with some kind of glass noodle stir fry – this was probably my favourite meal of the trip! We then went to the buffet to claim my desert which was apple pie and sorbet.

Day 6

Breakfast: changed it up today and had porridge (marked as vegan on the label) with syrup and nuts!

Lunch: we actually ate out at a pizza restaurant today in Ajaccio as I really fancied a marinara!

Dinner: an evening at the buffet! I just had rice and oven baked veg – not very adventurous, I know, but it tasted good! Then desert was peach crumble; not something I’d usually go for but it was amazing!

Day 7

Breakfast: just a coffee with soya milk as I wasn’t massively hungry

Lunch: at the main restaurant I had vegetable fritters, which were small but delicious, and some kind of dish with quinoa wrapped in courgette – despite this being marked as vegan on the menu, they did bring out one covered in cheese, but quickly swapped it for a new one once I’d pointed this out.

Dinner: for starters I ordered some sort of tomato dish – being totally honest I had no idea what it was but when it came it was horrible! Very jelly like, totally not my kind of thing. Then, my main was vegetable vindaloo (no way near as spicy as I expected which was a win!)

And that concludes my trip as unfortunately for us, the next morning we disembarked the ship and headed to the airport! I hoped this helped anyone in search of some information on Marella’s vegan catering, and if you want more information on my Discovery 2 experience, please check out my other posts!

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