How to download and save presets to the Lightroom app on your phone

Presets are a way of saving (and sharing) the colour grading and other adjustments you have made to an image. Using presets makes it easier to edit your images, and create consistency across your content. You can buy presets online, or you can download one of mine for free here.

The file will download as a Dropbox file. This means you will need to have an account with this website, but don’t worry – it’s free!

Once the DNG file has saved itself to your Dropbox account, it will look something like this:

You can either get the app, or continue to the website – here it will look like this:

This is the DNG file – the image displayed here is the original, once opened in Lightroom the adjustments will apply themselves. We’re then going to click the three dots in the top right corner and click direct download

Followed by ‘open in Lightroom’. When doing this on the app you need to ‘export’ it to Lightroom. Once we’ve clicked open in Lightroom, you’ll see the edited image that says ‘DNG’ in the corner.

From here, click on the image to open it, and scroll along the toolkit until you see ‘presets’ – click this.

We’re then going to press that circle with the three dots in the upper right hand corner

Followed by ‘create preset’. You’re then going to give it a name and press the tick

And voila! You can now go on any other image, scroll along the toolbar until you get to presets, and there you should find your saved preset!

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